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Welcome to Air India Fan Club

All Fan's are welcome to send photos of their collection to be displayed here

Photos Air India from Geneva - 15.03.22 - 08-57 - p3 (1).jpg

James Andrié from Geneva, circled here in these 2 photos.

Photos Air India from Geneva - 15.03.22 - 08-57 - p2 (1).jpg
GVA_Air India_departure.jpg

Passengers boarding Air India Flight from Geneva Airport, date unknown

This is before the  inaugural flight to Tokyo in 1955. All fellow travellers are having a good time with the Maharajah who is acknowledging their love with his Humble Bow.

Photos Air India from Geneva - 15.03.22 - 08-57 - p4 (1).jpg

A souvenir picked up/ Given during his travel on the Boeing 747.

James Andrié from Geneva (1925-2001).
These photos are from his travel memoirs which were shared by his grandson VAL from Geneva , who also is a passionate traveller. He researches and plans trips around the world with, where one can go snorkelling and diving, He recommends exploring off the beaten paths /places ! We can say that he is sort of a Travel planner. Do get in touch with him if you share the same passion as him

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