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Bombay New  York Flight details, photo's, K.R. Guzder , and a conspiracy against Shrimati Indira Gandhi.

AIR INDIA__20181026_0002.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0002_edited.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0007.jpg

The flight Annapurna at Idlewind.
The Pilot K.R Guzder.

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AIR INDIA__20181026_0009.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0010.jpg

Read all about the Makalu Sabotage -was Indira Gandhi the target in Air India boeing 707 .

Some newspaper clippings for the 1962 Bombay New York flight

AIR INDIA__20181026_0011.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0003.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0006.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0005.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0001.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0012.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0013.jpg
AIR INDIA__20181026_0013.jpg
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