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8th June 1948.

Air India's Maiden International First Flight

A milestone in the history of Indian civil aviation.

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8th June 1948 air india souvenir flight covers
AIR INDIA 12TH JUNE 1948 LONDON RETURN air india flight cover
8th June 1948 post & telegraph air india flight covers
8TH JUNE 1948 AIR INDIA first flight cover private Bombay London

The First three aircraft delivered to Air-India were the Rajput Princess (VT-CQR) which was originally intended to be used for the inaugural journey, but later it was decided that the Malabar Princess (VT-CQP) would be used for this flight. The third flight which is the Mogul Princess (VT-CQS) its illustration can be seen in the red souvenir cover of Air India

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